Wedding Photography Tip #1 Get A Timeline!

While photographers are usually good about setting a schedule, It can be easy for the photographer to miss a part of the wedding. Its vital for the bride and groom to provide you with a timeline for the day. For example, the approximate times or the sequence of events such as speeches, dances, cake cutting, etc; The more information the photographer has the better. This way we will know exactly where and when to be to ensure nothing is missed. While we are on the subjects of lists, also make sure to get a list of names for the bridal party so you know who they are. Also make sure to get the cell phone numbers of the maid of honor and the best man since they are usually key players.


Wedding Photography Tip #2 Bride and Groom Portraits!

Its important that the photographer get at least one hour just with the bride and groom (nobody else in the wedding party) in order to get those amazing photos that they expect.


Wedding Photography Tip #3 Must Have Shots!

One thing you will hear more than any other is that the photographer missed getting a certain photo. The best way to avoid this is to have the bride create a shoot list before the wedding. Have her give you a list or some sample photos of the must have poses that she really wants. Print out a list and mark each one off on wedding day. It’s also a good idea to have the couple appoint you someone that knows all the ‘key players’ as your go-to person. They can round up all of the bridal parties and family members for all formal family shots. This is especially helpful since the bride and groom are in most of the shots.


Wedding Photography Tip #4 Tell The Bridal Party To SMILE!

Before the ceremony starts make sure to tell the bride party to SMILE when they are walking down the aisle. The party tends to look down and forgets to smile not realizing they are being photographed.


Wedding Photography Tip #5 Talk With The priest!

Different churches have different rules about shooting in the church. Some churches allow flash photography while some don’t and some churches have restrictions on where the photographer can be during the ceremony.

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